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Park Corner Drovers Pond Habitat Project

Park Corner Drovers Pond Habitat Project

The Park Corner Drovers Pond Habitat Project is in partnership with Wild Groombridge.

Wild Groombridge have been keeping watch on the pond across the seasons, and monitoring what visits and grows in this natural habitat.

They are on the look out for endangered species, and taking inventory of what wildlife visits and lives at the Drovers Pond. For example, the results of their bird findings are in the below report.

Birds of Park Corner Report

Birds of Park Corner 1 Birds of Park Corner 2 Birds of Park Corner 3

You can see what kind of birds they have seen in the Birds of Park Corner Report.


Park Corner Summer 2022 Survey

Wild Groombridge began by creating an initial Park Corner Pond Survey Summer 2022  which shows what they found, and the initial plans for taking care of the area going forwards.

The first focus was to clear the area of litter, and about maintaining and monitoring for wildlife.


Current Plan and Actions for 2023

Wild Groombridge and Stephanie at Withyham Parish Council have since been speaking and meeting with local experts about the area; including ecologists, land managers at Sussex Lund [external link, opens new window], and experts from Sussex Wildlife Trust [external link, opens new window] and getting their considered advice, based on the findings at the Drovers Pond Habitat so far.


Based on the recommendations of the experts the plan and actions for 2023 is to: follow a plan of minimal interference to allow Wild Groombridge to accurately monitor what is happening at the Drovers Pond Habitat.


This means leaving much of the Habitat as it is including:

  • leaving fallen leaves in the Pond, which are good for bees!
  • leaving trees as they are, whether fallen or standing – there is enough light getting through to the pond, and the fallen branches are great for wildlife and insects!
  • leaving brambles to grow, they are great protection for plants such as snowdrops from wildlife like deer!

Wild Groombridge will be keeping watch on the Pond, so if you see the Team surveying do give them a wave to say “Hi”!


Clearing Park Corner Drovers Pond Habitat

Wild Groomridge will be clearing litter and debris from the Park Corner Drovers Pond Habitat, as well as cutting back invasive species such as laurel when appropriate. They were on hand and sprang into action when a huge amount of horse manure was illegally dumped at the Habitat – collecting, bagging up and removing sacks of muck – a smelly task!

Sacks of manure next to compost bins.


Getting Involved

For more information check out the  Wild Groombridge website [external link, opens new window]. You can find out more about Wild Groombridge, what they are up to and how to get involved, including becoming a citizen scientist by spotting wildlife and what’s growing around Groombridge and adding your findings as an iNaturalist report!


The photographs on this page have been kindly shared by Wild Groombridge members.