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Parish Plan

Our Parish Plan outlines the key issues that drive the work of the Parish Council across areas such as crime and policing, local business, highways and transport, the young and elderly, housing and planning, leisure and tourism, assets and services, and volunteering.

The current plan is the Withyham Parish Council Parish Plan 2020-2024.

During October 2022 Cllrs Kelly and Winter (authors of the current Parish Plan) met with the Clerk, Assistant Clerk and Community Engagement Coordinator to review progress against the Parish Plan priorities

This is the current Withyham Parish Council Plan with the October progress review included. Please note:

  • Progress updates have been added in brown italic text
  • Planned future actions have been added in green text

The Plans are created with the support of residents across the parish through various means of consultation and we thank everyone for their valued responses.

The previous 2016-2021 Parish Plan Forward for 5 is also available.