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Withyham Parish – Carbon Calculating

In order to know what actions are best to take in tackling the climate & ecological emergency at a local level, we have been calculating the carbon emissions produced by the Parish.

We have calculated both the Consumption footprint of the parish – carbon emissions produced by the parish as a result of the activities that the area’s residents engage in, regardless of where geographically they occur –  and the Territorial footprint – carbon emission produced within the geographical boundary of the parish.

We have calculated these using the Centre for Sustainable Energy’s Impact Calculating Tool [external link, opens a new window].

This is the full carbon footprint Report for Withyham Parish in March 2023.

The report gives detailed information about the Parish’s carbon footprints.

The parish’s consumption footprint is:

Withyham Parish's Consumption Footprint

This can be compared with other areas, for example:

Average Consumption Footprint Comparisons


These reports, alongside the carbon calculator for Withyham Parish Council itself, will be foundational for deciding the actions and advice the Climate & Ecological Advisory Group bring to Council.