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Climate and Ecology Advisory Group

One of the key actions from the 2020-2024 Parish Plan was to set up a Climate & Ecological Advisory Group.

This group looks at the actions from the Parish Plan in combination with the results for the Parish from carbon calculating tools, to see what next steps can be recommended to Council to address both the climate emergency and enhance local ecology and biodiversity.

The Climate & Ecology Advisory Group held it’s first meeting on 20th June 2023, and it was an inspiring first meeting!

Since then we have:

  • Set up the Thermal Imaging Camera Project 
  • Created a short term and medium term plan for actions
  • Had a Wealden District Council Climate Officer come and talk about collaboration, projects and how we can support each other’s work
  • Submitted comments on East Sussex County Council’s Local Transport Plan 4
  • Adopted East Sussex County Council’s Environmental Enhanced Service Option 2 – which means less cutting of verges across the parish to allow more habitat for wildlife and to give more native species an opportunity to grow in their natural cycles (with the exception of verges which need to be cut for safety reasons e.g. sightlines).
  • A representative (Stephanie – Community Engagement Coordinator) on the National Association of Local Council’s Climate Emergency Network
  • Commented on Wealden District Council’s new Local Plan in relation to climate and the environment
  • Participated in Wealden District Council’s Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan Organisation Survey

The group is made up of both Councillors and residents, and we have a few spots left – so if you’d like to be part of the group or find out a bit more about what’s happening contact / 01892 864 557.

You can also check out the Agendas and Minutes of the Climate and Ecology Advisory Group .